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Patient information system make better use of waiting time!

ZEITLOTSE® the webbased solution for practice and clinic creates patient satisfaction and reduces stress for your medical assistants.

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The present situation

ZEITLOTSE helps against a full waiting room

A permanently full waiting room is to be judged positively for your clinic. Your expertise and experience are in demand.

For your patients, full waiting rooms are often associated with long waiting times. This leads to the dissatisfaction of your patients and medical assistants. Your team often has to listen to complaints such as, "I have an appointment, why do I have to wait so long anyway?". In times of digitization, everyone can immediately express his or her displeasure. A negative online rating on Google and Co. is placed quickly, permanently visible and unnecessarily damages your reputation.

ZEITLOTSE - a smart patient information system - solves these problems.

ZEITLOTSE allows your patients to track their appointments anytime and anywhere. Any waiting times can thus be better utilized. Satisfaction is promoted making you stand out positively from your colleagues. Your medical assistants only need a few minutes a day for administration.

Benefits for You


  • "Stress" reduction in everyday working life for you and your team
  • better efficiency of all employees
  • higher employee satisfaction through work reduction


  • makes better use of waiting time
  • Practice information on promotions, training and events
  • higher satisfaction
  • lower risk of infection in the waiting room


  • recommendations by satisfied patients
  • information about special offers and training
  • up to date standard

Facts + Figures

Modern waiting room with ZEITLOTSE® TV
  • no problems regarding data protection of confidential patient data
  • only internet access necessary
  • no installation of soft- and hardware, no interface needed
  • Operating effort - a few minutes a day
  • flexible use for medical practices and clinics
  • free test stage
  • monthly terminable contract period
  • suitable for all current operating software systems and optimized for mobile devices
  • continuous care and development without additional costs
  • extensive support

How it Works

How ZEITLOTSE works on the smartphone

Patients can see anytime and anywhere on their smartphone, if their personal appointment is delayed. All they have to do is call up the ZEITLOTSE® page belonging to your practice. Any delays are displayed and marked in colour according to their duration. In group practices or clinics, the patient can select "his" physician via a drop-down menu.

"A patient already sees a delay of 45 minutes from home and can make good use of the waiting time. The situation in the waiting room and the medical assistants benefit: The patient arrives at the office feeling relaxed."

"An employee recognizes a delay on time in his workplace and can thus use the waiting time for his official duties."

"Your medical assistants need to inform your patients less frequently about schedule shifts because the patients using ZEITLOTSE® are already informed."

The administration of ZEITLOTSE® does not require the installation of separate software. ZEITLOTSE works with all current internet browsers. A short basic setting will register your name and treatment times.

In addition to individual practices, group practices and clinics can adapt ZEITLOTSE® individually for each doctor and each outpatient clinic. The individual appointments can easily be postponed. Appointment delays always appear up-to-date on all devices. The patient is informed!

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Our development partners

The patient information system, ZEITLOTSE® has been developed in close cooperation with the practice Dres. Med. Kern, who is already working in the third generation in the internist and general medical care as well as internist diabetology at five locations in Bonn, Germany. This has resulted in an intelligent practical solution for the doctor´s office.